Leica Q3 Digital Camera 19080 (Black)

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Leica has designed the Leica Q3 to be the next generation of the Leica Q series, still boasting the classic Leica design with a newly developed 3-inch tilting display and a High-res OLED EVF 5.76 MP system. The Leica Q3 has a 60MP sensor and a state-of-the-art high-performing Maestro IV series processor, allowing you to capture incredibly detailed images and 8K Ultra HD video with its fixed 28mm Summilux f/1.7 ASPH lens.

The button placement on the Leica Q3 has been updated to accommodate the new tilt screen. The buttons and dials are now all located on the right-hand side of the camera, making it easier to operate the Leica Q3 one-handed.

The Leica Q3 has an HDMI port for external recorders and a USB-C port for charging and tether options.

The ISO range on the Leica Q3 is an impressive 50-100,000 ISO with a 100 base ISO, making the Leica Q3 incredibly well adjusted to almost any lighting conditions. Allow you to take well-exposed images even in low-light situations.

The Leica Q3 always uses the full size of its 60MP back-illuminated sensor with Leica triple resolution technology, allowing you to capture detailed results regardless of the chosen resolution, with up to 15 stops of dynamic range. The Leica Q3 can be set to capture images at 60MP (L-DNG), 36MP (M-DNG) or 18MP (S-DNG).

Crop into your photo up to 90mm with Leica digital frame selection function, letting you reframe your photo's composition, with limited loss in detail thanks you the high-performing sensor and Maestro IV processor.

The Leica Q3 uses three autofocus systems including phase detection AF, Depth From Defocus AF/AI and Contrast AF. This allows the Leica Q3 to have supper fast autofocus at approximately 140ms which is suitable for any scenario, the camera's internal AI system will adjust the autofocus setting based on the situation to make use of the best autofocus system required. The Leica Q3 features face, body, eye and animal detection, enabling the Leica Q3 to lock on to a subject quickly and track them as they move.

The Leica Q3 features Leica Perspective control which can be used to realign the image perspective, This can be incredibly useful for architectural photography, as the camera's AI system corrects the perspective automatically to account for image warp that might occur when taking photos of buildings.

The Leica Q3 has been designed with a unique dynamic range system that makes use of intelligent dynamic functions to optimise the darker areas of an image. Allowing you to bring out more details in your photos.

The Leica Q3 has been upgraded for better video production, allowing you to capture video at up to 8K resolution in professional codecs like codec.h265 and ProRes from Apple and many more.

Record your footage on the Q3 in L-Log format, perfect for colour grading later in post-production. This format is brilliant when adding LUTs and other presets to your footage. There are a number of LUT profiles available in the camera, including Natural, classic and three spaces for your own customisable LUTs.

Connect and upload your images and video footage to your laptop or smartphone quickly with the Q3’s Wi-Fi 2x2 MIMO and Bluetooth connectivity. Pair the Leica Q3 with the Leica FOTOS 4.0 app to have a seamless instant connection to your Leica Q3 everywhere, enjoy fast video downloads to your mobile, darkroom integration and transfer Leica looks to your camera. The improved connectivity and processor allow the Leica Q3 to be 10x faster at data transfer than the previous Leica Q2 at up to 35MB/s and only 2s for 1 DNG file transfer.

Pair the Leica Q3 with the optional Leica BG-DC1 Wireless Charging Handgrip (sold separately) and enjoy the wireless charging feature. Attach the handgrip to your Leica Q3 and place it on any QI-compatible wireless charging pad or the Leica Drop XL Wireless Charger (sold separately) to charge your camera.

The Leica Q3 has an IP52 rating, thanks to its careful construction. This allows the Leica Q3 to be dust and water-resistant, letting you rest easy while using your Leica Q3 in different weather conditions.

In the Box:
Leica Q3 Digital Camera
Leica BP-SCL6 Li-ion Battery
Battery Charger
Lens Hood
Lens Cap
Accessory Shoe Cover
Leather Carrying Strap
Leica FOTOS Cable

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