Kase K100 Wolverine Series Shock Resistant Glass Filter Master Kit

GTIN: 7436957528527
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Kit contents:
1. K100-X holder
2. Geared adaptor rings included - 77-86mm, 82-86mm, 67-82mm and 72-82mm
3. 86mm Sky Eye X-CPL (Polarising filter)
4. 100x150mm soft GND filter GND 0.9 (3-Stops Soft Grad)
5. 100x150mm soft GND filter GND 1.2 (4-Stops Soft Grad)
6. 100x150mm R-GND filter R-GND 0.9 (3-Stops Reverse Grad)
7. 100x100mm ND filter ND 64 (6-Stops ND)
8. 100x100mm ND filter ND 1000 (10-Stops ND)
9. K100 square filter bag

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