Well-suited for portraiture, the YN 85mm f/1.8 Lens from Yongnuo is a short-telephoto prime designed for Nikon F-mount cameras. Pairing well with the slightly long focal length is a bright f/1.8 maximum aperture that benefits working in low-light as well as affords greater control over depth of...
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Offering an impressive ultra wide-angle field of view, the Nikon F-mount YN 14mm f/2.8N from Yongnuo is a versatile prime well-suited for landscape, nature, and interior photography. The broad 114° field of view offers a creative perspective for working in both wide open spaces and tight...
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An especially fast wide-angle lens, the Canon EF-mount YN 35mm f/1.4 from Yongnuo pairs the comfortably wide field of view with a bright f/1.4 maximum aperture to suit working in difficult lighting conditions. The optical design incorporates two aspherical elements, which reduce spherical...
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Equipped with Ultrasonic Wave Motor which make the focusing faster, more accurate and quieter. The electronic focus ring, combined with the appropriate damping, allows you to enjoy light, high-precision manual focus without losing the delicate feel. With F1.4 Bright Aperture, Bokeh can be...
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F1.7 large aperture, which easily blur the background. AF/MF, and supports full-time manual focus. STM stepping motor, makes focus more accurately and smoothly. Lens structure: 8 groups of 9 pieces, including two ED ultra-low dispersion lenses. The minimum focusing distance is only about 0.3m,...
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