Pentax K-1 Camera Body

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Even when photographing the same subject, the resulting image may seem completely different if the size of the image sensor changes. The most prominent feature of a 35mm full-frame SLR camera is its exceptional image quality and outstanding imaging power. Equipped with an image sensor with an excellent pixel count, S/N ratio and dynamic range balance, the PENTAX K-1 delivers the best image quality in the history of PENTAX’s K-mount series.

When taking a picture using cameras set at the same angle of view and f-stop, but equipped with image sensors of different sizes, the larger image sensor will narrow down the depth of field. The difference between an APS-C-size sensor and a 35mm full-frame sensor is evident at a glance, as the full-frame sensor makes the subject stand out with a more natural transition of the bokeh (defocus) effect, which is created in the foreground and background of the in-focus subject. As the result, it expresses the sense of depth more accurately and clearly in the captured image.

In principle, the larger the image sensor, the higher the resolving power. Since a 35mm full-frame image sensor has a large number of pixels without any reduction in the light-receiving area of each pixel, it improves the camera’s resolving power. PENTAX’s 35mm full-frame SLR camera boasts approximately 36.4 effective megapixels and an anti-aliasing-filter-free optical design. Coupled with state-of-the-art D FA-series lenses, which provide outstanding optical performance, it delivers exceptionally high resolving power.


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