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Brands: Leica
Since the launch of the rangefinder system in 1954, Leica M cameras have been valued by many photographers as the perfect tool for capturing the fascination...
GBP £4,197.64
Brands: Leica
Complete concentration The Leica M-D has no LCD monitor screen and no menu system. Apart from the essential parameters for photography – shutter...
GBP £4,942.97
Brands: Leica
The Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH. pairs moderate wide-angle characteristics with natural dimension, which make this focal length very versatile. Whether it is...
GBP £3,466.04
Brands: Leica
The new Leica Super-Elmar-M 21mm f/3.4 ASPH. is characterised by superb imaging performance and amazingly compact construction. This powerful combination...
GBP £2,062.84
Brands: Leica
With its impressive angle of view of 107°, this lens conquers 16mm super wide-angle photography in perfect Leica M style. Due to the minimal distortion...
GBP £3,704.71
Brands: Leica
The Leica Visoflex EVF2 Electronic Viewfinder 18753 is available as an optional accessory for the Leica M. With a resolution of 1.4 megapixels and...
GBP £345.40
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